Roof Replacement & Repair

Every roofing replacement or repair, no matter how big or small, begins with exploring the site with the customer. Bollinger Bros Roofing Contractors will take an assessment of your roofing needs, and recommend the right roofing system or roofing repair for your building, weather and keep your budget in mind. That is how we ascertain the needs of each client and the complexities and unique aspects of each project. This is when the big questions are answered, questions like: "What particular type of roof system best fits my building?" and "How much is the roofing job going to impact the daily operation of my business?" The answers are thorough, and they're given before mobilization has begun.

Bollinger Bros. Roofing Contractors offer the following Roofing Services:

  • Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Roofing Installations - Whether you are building a new structure or roof replacement we offer the following roof systems: EPDM (rubber), TPO, PVC Roofing Systems (single ply), Built-Up Asphalt Roofing Systems, Pre-Engineered Metal Roofing Systems, Copper Roofing, Fluid Applied Membrane Systems, Slate and Tile Roofing Systems.
  • Solar Panel Arrays
  • Rooftop Wind Turbines
  • Green Vegetative Roofing
  • Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Roof Repairs

Contact Bollinger Bros Roofing Contractors at 410-732-0055 or Toll Free at 888-732-0055 regarding your commercial or industrial roofing replacement and repair needs. You can also contact Bollinger Bros Roofing Contractors by filling out our contact form.